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I am Psychic Medium Oracle Laura™ located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. My clients say I'm "the best in this field", "the real deal" "the real McCoy" & "worth every penny" & other psychics always say my abilities "are more & greater" than theirs. I give psychic readings in person & also by long distance. My clients are worldwide & say I'm just as accurate regardless of which method they choose, so you can choose from these many readings methods:

-Phone Text
-Online Private Messaging (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gettr, Gab, MeWe or Stage32)
-Long distance (phone, online private messaging, email)
-Video (Zoom or Skype)
-In Person (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

For more information of all that I offer & rates contact me:

Phone or phone text (see number on my business card). (If I don't answer my phone, please phone text me.)

Email me at 

(NOTE: If I haven't replied to your email via my gmail within 24 hours it means I didn't receive your email! In that case please email me again or at or phone/phone text me if you want to reach me faster.)

Message me on my phone or on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Gab, MeWe, Gettr or Stage32.

(Please don't message me on Facebook. I won't get your message there.)

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Love, Oracle Laura™

To see Client Reviews click on "Reviews" button above or go here:

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